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it is true that not everyone needs an iPhone XS, a costly piece of glass and metal that looks more like a priceless artifact than an indispensable tool used every day. The megapixel camera constantly increases, the processor is always more powerful and the prices increase constantly.

To illustrate how things went, Apple’s “cheap” phone option, the iPhone XR, always starts at $ 750. These are the familiar steps we all learned in an endless dance of technological excesses.

Of course, do not opt ​​for Apple: Samsung is not better, with a folding phone of almost $ 2,000 that does not really bend, and Google plays the game. In 2017, you could get a pixel 2 starting at $ 650, but the Pixel 3 increased to $ 800 with only marginal improvements. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3 XL, the best of last year’s range, has almost reached $ 1,000.

But Google’s new Pixel 3a is a record scratch, reversing a trend that seemed almost irreversible, at least among the big three, and in the process, Google finally created a phone for the rest of us.

Because the real thing that sells the new Pixel 3a is the price. Starting at $ 400, which is half the initial selling price of the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3a (and the Pixel 3a XL from 6 inches starting at $ 480) is an affordable phone that is worth it.Google Pixel
At first, this does not sound like a compliment, but Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are incredibly mediocre. The processor comes with a little less muscle. Pixel 3a is packed in plastic instead of aluminum. The screen changes to a full OLED HD screen. Wireless charging is completely MIA.
For the most obsessed with specifications, the Pixel 3a is the DOA, another useless mid-range phone that does not significantly exceed the limits. For the rest of us? There is much to love, but first let’s look at these perceived negative aspects.

On the one hand, the slower processor is almost a problem for most casual smartphone users. I used Pixel 3 every day for almost 6 months, and after switching to Pixel 3a last week, I only noticed performance issues when opening applications. Apart from that, keep going.Google Pixel
What screen I can not say I noticed the missing pixels. In a side by side comparison, Pixel 3 can eliminate Pixel 3a in terms of color accuracy, but it’s almost a heat in everyday use.

As for the plastic / metal debate, if you use a sleeve, it really will not matter.

The only thing that could be a step backwards is not wireless charging. But with the growing dominance of USB Type-C (even the latest Apple laptops use the standard), it is more likely that your friends and family have a usable cable, rather than a dedicated charger compatible with Qi. .
In fact, you could say that Pixel 3a improves Pixel 3 in some way.

The most obvious addition is the reintroduction of the headphone jack. Finally, I can dust my Bose headphones with noise canceling, which can hardly be used when my headset adapter (inevitably) broke.

Another big one is the battery. Although the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL batteries are not very profitable, the Pixel 3a is a bit more powerful in mAh to help you spend a full day at no charge.

In terms of software, Pixel 3a takes full advantage of Google with Android Pie 9.0 and, as a Google device, you’ll be the first to get updates and features from Google as they become available.

And while the philosophy of your personal phone tends to be more utilitarian, the lower price and the plastic body make it easier to handle daily scratches. At least you will not be 1k if your phone goes through a pitiful step.

But in reality, the biggest technological advantage of 3a is a wholesale copy of its most expensive predecessor.Goggle Pixel 3A XL
The Pixel 3 camera is one of the best shooters on the market. In terms of hardware, its 12.2 megapixel double pixel camera captures incredible details, while software enhancements like Night Sight capture photos even in the darkest scenes. It’s one of the best smartphone cameras you can buy, and the Pixel 3a’s rear trigger is an exact clone.

The same sensor, the same stabilization technology, the same aperture, the same 4K video specifications and the results show a close match.



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