Honda has some fantastic factory collections, but they can beat those RealTime Racing.

It was compiled by Peter Cunningham, the founder of the team, and presents some of the most legendary Honda cars. Honda took a video team to Wisconsin to see an extensive collection of Cunningham, and it is clear that it did not turn. and Almost every major Honda can imagine a place in a building. There are several early American models with a handful of miles per hour and many sports cars. There are S600, Civic Sis, CRX and more. Of the five (!) Integra Type Rs there are two JDM imports and one is a sedan. Perhaps the most amazing and craziest of this collection are not the cars themselves, but something completely different. Cunningham was able to extract images of the first Honda dealer in the United States in the 1950s and showed a replica of the front of the building in a hangar refurbishment. He even found the exact car that is found in one of the photos to show off the windows.


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