Subaru has now gotten involved into censoring drivers and how best they drive with an innovative newly launched  safety precautionary measures and feature that perfectly tracked the eyes of a driver to detect and report drowsiness while driving.

“DriverFocus” a new digital device developed by Mitsubishi Electric, focused in the redesigned 2019 Subaru Forester. The device uses tiny infrared camera hidden in the vehicle’s information digital system and uses facial recognition inbuilt program to identify when a is having signs of distraction and or feeling fatigue.

the camera automatically scan the driver’s face and detect immediately his eyes for any sign of drowsiness. any moment the device detect that the driver’s eyes are not on the road, it send an alarm alert which is very audible to remind the driver to be focus.

reacting on the new device, Mark Rakoski, vice president of advanced mobility at Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, said ” the focus camera is a safety automobile measures”  “Is the driver paying attention? Is he gazing off? Is he looking off into something too long? Are his eyes closed? Is he looking somewhere he shouldn’t be, from attention standpoint? It very much started as a safety product.”

Subaru and Mitsubishi Electric have however debunked the speculation that the device can store personal and sensitive data. it’s just for safety purpose to safeguard the drivers while on the road to to make sure his attention is focus. any distraction results in a louder alarm.

with this new innovative introduction, forester sabaru is planning to extend it to their 2020 subaru legacy. which will alo make it a standard in their Legacy XT and other subsequent auto products. have a  look at the new project. 2020 subaru Legacy


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